Eurorack jam feat. Disting "tape" loops, Wogglebug

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Eurorack jam feat. Disting "tape" loops, Wogglebug

Post by magnetsandlasers » Mon Dec 02, 2019 1:24 pm


First patch video in my new studio space! The setup is still developing, but so far it seems to have all of its fingers and toes. I know I said I was going to try to keep one patch around for a whole month, but I didn't quite have it in me. Mostly I had to take apart the first of my November patches because my new Chainsaw came in so I had to rearrange some modules to accommodate it. Then I moved my studio space, and although I kept my first Chainsaw patch, I mucked around with it too much and it was never the same, so I tore it out and went in a completely different direction: pseudo "tape" loops via Disting and an embrace of the uncertainty afforded by Wogglebug.

The patch begins with some vinyl crackle from Radio Music and a loop playing through Disting's "Audio Sample with Z Speed" algorithm. The woggle output from Wogglebug is patched in to the Z Speed control to vary the loop speed, giving it that warbly tape loop feel. This is sent into a mixer whose output feeds into Clouds. The smooth output from Wogglebug modulates the amount of granular effect Clouds brings to the signal.

A pair of 2hp Plucks are being triggered by Tempi at a very slow rate, and also hit with a long-tailed inverted envelope from the Intellijel ADSR before going into the rather aggressive Blue Lantern Hermippe filter. The 1v/oct for these Plucks comes from o_C's Quantermain app and the overall result is very reminiscent of well-tuned singing bowls! The last minute or so of the video features this effect prominently.

The chaotic random gate burst from Wogglebug triggers a René sequence that sends its quantized output to the Chainsaw and its unquantized voltage to Pico Quant for further processing before sending to Chainsaw. Chainsaw's output is sent to the slower of LxD's two LPG channels which receives its envelope from Maths (triggered by the René sequence logic matrix and either its rise and fall (maybe both?) modulated with an LFO). Since only one channel of the Chainsaw is going into the main in-rack mono mixer,, the other one gets sent to the 2hp Freez for signal mangling. Its output goes into another Disting for stereo delay treatment and from there directly into the end of chain mixer.

The mixer output is sent into the Sub In of a Tascam Portastudio 414 with the L/R mix sent to two pairs of channels for different EQ settings and panning, then mixed down into Audacity for mastering.

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Post by artieTwelve » Tue Dec 10, 2019 10:06 am

Really nice! I have all those modules except the chainsaw. The drums that come in around 4:30, are those the plucks?

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