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Setup Update
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Author Setup Update
Hello, everyone, since I'm not so experienced and I wouldn t want to make the wrong purchase, I would like you to advice me a module to be added to my current system... we're not worthy help
Thank you all

The actually modules are
Oakley slim vco b
Oakley COTA vcf
Oakley Adsr/Vca looper
Yousynth Adsr
Corsynth C102 va Lfo
I see a box from Roland in the that a 909? And what types of sounds/music do you want to do?
You could go in many directions from here. If I had this setup I would get another oscillator next perhaps.
another Osc (good to get another Oakley slim vco b) and a mixer. this will really open out the possibilities.

    You can then use 2xOScs through a mixer. nanners
    Cross modulate 2x Oscs
    Mix LFOs with a mixer and send to Mod source.
    FM with 2x Oscs and still use the corsynth as LFO.
    Use mixer as attenuator for LFO and use 2x LFO but one attenuated.
i couldn't live without delay for spice in small modular.

slopes are great because eg, vco, divider, filter, slew limiting the list goes on, but does none of those things as well as dedicated modules.

dc mixer will be helpful especially to get complex modulation.

vcas will yield fun and modulation variability that is imo priceless

edit: or after thought (though i have not used one) maybe a uO_c for large amounts of digi flexibility.
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