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Adjusting table height at venues?
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Author Adjusting table height at venues?
I’ve performed live a few times now and each time the provided table heights have been too low to perform comfortably.

Does anyone have any good solutions to this?

I have a laptop, a bunch of midi controllers and some modular gear. It takes up about 1m x 80cm of space. The laptop I have on a Hercules stand so it’s ok. I’d like to be able to raise the rest of the gear too. I tried placing some of it into some of the cases they came in but that was only a couple of inches.

Some ideas I had were
- table leg stilts so you could raise any table provided but that might work well with fixed furniture and I can’t find anything googling
- some kind of lightweight expanding grid structure you stretch across the table with a mesh of some kind on top but no idea what to search for.
- several laptop style stands - but they are either heavy or wobbly.

I played a set last week using the fold-up table supplied by the venue, and just put my eurorack case on top of the pelican case I transport it in. My control skiff was just sitting on a tupperware container. If I'm playing a set where I need more surface area, I bring milk crates and set up on top of those, with some thin rubber matting to stop things sliding around.

Do whatever you can to get your rig at the right height, there's nothing worse than watching some poor soul hunching awkwardly over their instrument.
Yes - A structured and squarish case would be a good way. I like the look of your pelican case actually.

I'm thinking of getting one of the Intellijel cases for my modular and wondered if you can put the lid underneath to raise it up.

Maybe having a hard or at least a structured case for my midi controllers would then let me use it as a base to rest them on.

I'd also like to be able to fit it all on my scooter!
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