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getting started - diy?
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Author getting started - diy?
my mate is getting into this modular madness as well, and wants a large format system.

Where should one start? Cabinet+PSU ?

And what about first module(s)? Are there any easy-ish DIY things that are like, must-haves?
MFOS is well documented for beginners, although i really get confused by the way he does his schematics, but i guess if you start reading his site from the beginning it all makes more sense.

You could also look into the ASM2 project

For what its worth my first projects were
CGS Utility LFO
CGS digital Noise
CGS psycho lfo

it was a good learning curve to get these modules going
they were pretty easy
The easiest start into DIY is probably Blacet, but that is fraq format. Next to that, there are a few MOTM kits up on ebay right now. Paul's documentation is great, but if you ever order from him be prepared for a long wait. The kits are long gone direct from him. He stopped the kits to try to improve the Turn around Time for other orders.

I would suggest MOTM rack rails and a Blacet power supply. The Blacet supply will run all MOTM format modules except the few that need 5volt power. There were a set of MOTM rails up on ebay earlier today. Not sure if there is a European supplier for such items. Shipping will probably be expensive from the US.
you could always convert Blacet into Motm. just have to get your own panels done. Richard Brewster is a great example of 5u DIY
There are tons of Bridechamber kits in MOTM format, including quite a few CGS designs.
Thanks for the quick reply, guys. We have a small stack of big-ass power-one PSUs coming to us, so that part should (hopefully) be sorted.

And we've been looking at the CGS stuff, mainly because then we can work on projects together, online or whatever - I can use mine in the euro setup, and he can use his in the large format.

Luka, do the utility LFOs reach audio rates? Or can they be tweaked as such?

We have a midi->trigger system going already, so something like the cgs Drum Simulator or two and a mixer? That's a quick job I'd say, and instant gratification with very little effort, once the PSU is in place.

Now, what about cabinet options? Is the roll-your-own method recommended for 5u modules?

Suburban Bather
wetterberg wrote:

Now, what about cabinet options? Is the roll-your-own method recommended for 5u modules?


I made my own cab following most of the guidelines from the link above. The main concern is the height of your side panels and your mounting rails. See my pic on page 5 of the 5U Pics thread. I had to have the people at the hardware store cut my boards. I found out the hard way that this is a bad idea. I had to use some washers to get the height right. I'm definitely buying my own circular saw when I'm ready to make another cab.

Anyways, my cab costed me $60 and left me with enough materials to make a second cab of about half the length. Its made out of pine and oak for the mounting rails.
Roycie Roller
wetterberg wrote:

do the utility LFOs reach audio rates?

CGS/elby kits, bridechamber kits are not very beginner friendly.
blacet kits are outstanding and well documented.
ive heard very good things about mfos too.

maybe not glamorous, but he could start with a mixer. those are simple and always needed.
I started with MFOS and I can wholeheartedly recommend them as beginner friendly. The PCB`s are double sided, very nice quality with plenty of room for solder joints and Ray`s documentation is top notch!

As for 5U cabinets. Unless you want to shell out for a modcan or dotcom cab, DIY is the way to go. I`d say even skip the rails too. They are expensive and diy wooden rails are much more forgiving when it comes to modules with improperly aligned mounting holes oops
wetterberg wrote:
Now, what about cabinet options? Is the roll-your-own method recommended for 5u modules?

I like these (and so do a few other MOTM guys): -10_cutsheet.asp

The prices are great but you still need to add in the cost of the rails and after shipping you are looking at approx $200 give or take for a rack that will hold 20 1U modules (or 10 2U modules etc). They are really sturdy and portable and look very nice IMHO. w00t

This place has some nice looking wooden MOTM cases (I haven't seen one in person though):

Did ya see Larry's site?

And did ya see Richard Brewster's site? .htm
Gordon Cole
cheers people! Keep it coming SlayerBadger!
I went with one of those Marathon flight cases (a 10U slant mixer case, the MA-M3U), two pairs of MOTM rack rails, and a MOTM-900 power supply. Cost about $400 all together.
MOTM kits are so much easier to assemble than others I've tried. You can get the panels, boards and parts from Paul pretty fast. You then need to order the rest of the parts, either DIY from Mouser or order a semi-kit from Bridechamber. I'd recommend MOTM kits for a beginner.

MFOS and Catgirl require a bit more DIY knowledge.
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