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Improbability drive fault
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Author Improbability drive fault
I've just plugged in my new ID and their is an earth buzz... It was OK a few days ago but I've been transporting it without a case (!) d'oh! and it seems to have taken a turn for the worst....

Anybody have any ideas on what could have happened??

very frustrating
i should probably expand this a bit... Basically all the noise outputs, white, digital, etc, just output an earth hum..
I'm not an expert by any means, but did you try making sure the IC's are seated? Maybe look it over for a cracked solder joint?
Retighten all of the nuts for the jacks on the panel. Also investigate for any disconnected or loose wiring. Give 'er a physical inspection. Something should turn up.
Test with module not installed in the frac rack.

- Always start by verifying the power supply rails... do you have a solid + and -15 volts on the connector and PC board?
- Do you have good continuity between the ground pins on the module and the ground on the PS?
- Double check that all ICs are inserted in the correct socket, they are seated with no bent pins, and that their orientation is correct .. Pin 1 end (notch) on the end of the chips to the left.
- Are any of the chips or components uncomfortably warm to the touch when it's on?

If the above fails to turn up anything, then things get more tedious...
- meticulously verify all components are in the right place.
- verify that the diodes, transistors, and electrolytic capacitors are oriented correctly.
- check the solder side of the PC board:
- check for solder bridges (solder blobs shorting 2 traces together or between 2 IC pins.)
- ensure all component pins were soldered... especially all IC socket pins. It's easy to miss a pin during soldering.
- Are all solder joints shiny? If not, reheat suspects to eliminate cold solder joints.

If nothing turns up, then it's either time to get out the 'scope, or send it in to Blacet to fix (his $29 'fix fee' is very reasonable).

Hope that helps !

- Mike
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