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Sequencing From Live thru MIDI to CV converter
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Author Sequencing From Live thru MIDI to CV converter
Hey, Ive been getting really intrigued by Max for Live and I think It would be awsome If I could use some of the Max MIDI effects in my analogue synth. My setup: Live 8.1 -> MOTU ultralite -> FutureRetro Orb -> SH-101. So I guess I would just want live sequencing some notes (and however modulated by Max MIDI fx) sending it through the Orb (set up for external MIDI receiving) and hearing it through the 101. Is this possible?
rico loverde
So the Orb would be acting as a midi to cv converter right.

I dont see any reason why this wouldnt work. I use Abletons midi efx all the time in my modular and w my sh 101, I go Ableton /midi out to my converter ( q137), then cv and gate to both cv / gate inputs on the sh101.
Yeah this is exactly what I'm trying to do. How exactly is it setup in your Live? I have my MIDI ports (my MOTU) track sync and remote on for MIDI out. Then I'm not really sure where to go from there within the particular MIDI track containing MIDI clips/sequences.
rico loverde
So I think (if im not mistaken) you would run midi out from motu to midi in of orb

set up a midi track in live and pick the motu as yr output on the midi tracks i/o, also pick a midi channel number

on the orb set the midi channel to the same as the track in live and put the Orb into its midi receive or external mode, on my Revolution I had to hit play on it for it to transmit midi to cv even if I wasnt using it as a sequencer, not sure if the orb is the same

may not be necessary but if yr Mac based go to yr audio / midi set up and create a midi device for the retro then it will show up as what ever u named it in Live,

also under Lives preferences/midi - click the yellow boxes for track input and output for the Orb (or motu) and select it for the input and output in the top white boxes
Ok so far I have Orb hooked up to 101, MOTU out to MIDI in of orb, orb in external mode in Ch 1, and Live with MIDI To MOTU CH.1. The when I play a MIDI clip, the orb will just be triggered to play a sequence of its own, rather than the notes sequenced in Lives MIDI track.
AH, nevermind I got it. Thanks for your help. So much fun!
rico loverde
sorry just got the message, glad ya got it. have a blast

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