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Welcome Epinasty to the Hosted Forums!
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Author Welcome Epinasty to the Hosted Forums!
Muff Wiggler
Ok, Luigi is doing some pretty damn awesome work with his etching, and as I'm sure you know has offered his services to the community. He asked me for a hosted forum, and that's all it takes! As you know my only requirements are 1) You have a product or service for the community and 2) you ask!

I'm proud and honored to have a dedicated space for his work here and please join me in welcoming him to his little corner here at Muff's! I'm looking forward to seeing his designs and work, and it's nice to have it all in one spot.

I moved the "TRAGEDY'S STARTING TO ETCH PANELS FOR YOU" thread into here - if there's any other threads that should be here that I missed please shoot me a PM with a link and I'll move 'em over!

have fun!
we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy
Thank you so much Muff, Feels really nice to have a house on the block.

rico loverde
congrats, well deserved, cant wait til i have some cash so i can have a few made...

fucking awesome
essex sound lab

Do you do MU?
Do it all man smile
Do you have a price guide?
Honestly it all depends on the metal, how many holes, size, if you give me the file complete and ready to go or if you need me to design. Cheapest thing I'm doing is the euro 3 & 5hp blanks with a graphic. Those are 25 + 5 $5 shipping if in us. Something like the e350 I designed for sgnelson, that was 50$ shipped. I can work with you tho on stuff, just shoot me a pm or email at: smile
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