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Experience with ES-1 and Max/MSP?
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Author Experience with ES-1 and Max/MSP?
Dick Champion
New Wiggler, first post.

I'm doing research like crazy on my first modular, and finding MuffWiggler a bottomles pit of knowledge on that subject. Thank you all for that. applause

I would like to know if anyone uses Silent Way, Max/MSP or a similar thing as LFO's, Envelopes, Pitch, Gate and Clock signals and then shooting it out of a ES-1.

If it's a cakewalk, I could save a ton of money on my first modular setup, and really get to know the 3 or 4 modules I would start with.
(Which by the way is something like ES-1, Cwejman VCO-2RM, QMMG, Wogglebug and Tyme Sefari with SoT... for the time being... always subject to change).

If you do cool stuff from the computer to the modular, please feel free to boast about it here and let all the newbies in on the Computer/Modular-hybrid secret! we're not worthy

Fire Away
nickciontea msp

use the advanced search and choose search in topic title only.. then play with the criteria
Dick Champion
thank you
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