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I have had a W.M.D. Geiger Counter for a short while.
I've used it in a noise context, but I have never used it for guitar, until after work today.
I tried one of the suggested settings and plugged a tele into the Geiger Counter and into my computer, using record I recorded a rhythm part that seemed to go with the sound and played it back.
I'm happy.
adding a drums and bass part, the guitar part was grung-illy acceptable
the sound remained clear defined and had a nice bloom to it.

with RECORD one can slow things down and everything stays "right there" except slower. ah sludge! heavy, thick and ever so much clinically depressed.

though I am some what intimidated by the shear number of possible settings and wave forms for altering a signal, my options anxiety is
receding having gotten my feet wet or sludge covered in goo. Rockin' Banana! applause thumbs up

having spent some time in noiseland my tastes has become more interested in exotic sounds
i really want to try the WMD envelope filter pedal on a bass
Soy Sos
I have the Euro version of the GC, I hadn't tried it on guitar yet either.
Holy shit! 10,001 grungy, gritty and grimey guitar tones.
mr big
maybe i'm just a wimp, or too old, but the GC is just a bit too...

i don't know the sound palette seems too limited, crazy but limited. even with all the setting choices it has. different shades of out of control noise.

i haven't given up on it yet but i find the otto biscuit a lot more fun and deep. and the controls actually give me control. with the GC i just keep pushing buttons and turning dials hoping something cool happens. the biscuit sounds better too.

of course it is twice the price.
I bought a geiger counter for guitar before I had one for my modular. I love it for guitar, much more than for my modular. Now I have two. One pedal and one module.

It's an amazing guitar pedal. Rockin' Banana! we're not worthy
I have a GC box - its evil, nasty and can just obliterate what you put in.
But when you hit a sweet spot - its just superb. Very cutting / sharp clean digital distortion (like early NIN) - not to everyones taste - but i really like.
i want to have one, too!!!
Soy Sos wrote:
I have the Euro version of the GC, I hadn't tried it on guitar yet either.

Is the eurorack GC designed to work at modular levels or will it also work well with an unamplified guitar signal I wonder?
Audio please, I've been considering the module for ages and just haven't taken the plunge.
Johnisfaster wrote:
Audio please, I've been considering the module for ages and just haven't taken the plunge.

The ProGuitarShop demos are always amazing, but this is all guitars (which would be the primary use for alot of people, me included):

That's awesome! Very good demo.
mr big wrote:
maybe i'm just a wimp, or too old

yep twisted
seriously: have you tried low input gain settings? if you keep the front clean and samplerate and bitdepth at max. the waveshaping doesn't have to be harsh ....
Love mine - this is the ultimate noise pedal thing. Nerve-wrecking, relentless, murderous.

And if I may suggest, best paired with this: - the GK Version III.

With both of these, you will be able to turn your guitar into a bull-whipped tortured bongo or something even more outlandish. The possibilities are endless. Serial-killing guitar playing at its best.

With such a pair, play Sinatra, Play it loud, Play it at your sister!
I ended up getting the module, it didn't disappoint.
Holy Katana
I've been GASing for a Geiger Counter for a while. It seems to be well worth the money, what with the 252 wavetables plus a bitcrusher. Although I don't know whether I want to get it or the Devi Ever Shoe Gazer first.

I guess it's all up to what I want. Do I want a crazy yet versatile fuzz, or a digital distortion pedal/waveshaper with nearly endless possibilities?
The GC pedal turned me on to the GC eurorack, which in turn led to me having way too many rows of eurocrack now. But it all started with that freakin amazing WMD GC pedal, which never leaves my pedalboard. Its even more fun with an expression pedal.
Here are a handful of things I've recorded using the geiger counter since I got it in November: - Guitar. This was the first couple hours of using it. I would find something I liked, and record some playing. I switch the device on and off occasionally to showcase how much volume and raw power it gives to an otherwise quiet clean channel.

Kaossilator Demos: - Ambient soundscape thing. You hear the geiger about 2:40 in.

And here are pictures I've taken of my own settings. Try them out!
In case you'd like to hear the experimental side of the WMD here's my video:
insomniyack, I listened to that a couple times shopping for a geiger counter, and I even have found something wonderful out of its no input behaviors:

Wavetable F0. Both lights next to the sample/bit knobs should be off. Bottom switch should be set to "Mask". Tone switch enabled. Put the volume at 12 oclock.

Tweak the bit knob somewhere inbetween the p and t in Depth until it gives off a steady tone. It self oscillates at other points, I just use this one. The sample rate knob is now your pitch knob! Now, turn the drive all the way down, and flip the tone switch to Disable. Nothing different... Turn the sample rate all the way up and slowly turn the drive knob up.... this controls the intensity of noise. WMD didn't tell you you got a free oscillator/noise generator with the bitcrusher they sent you thumbs up

If you're feeling extra adventurous, put the bit rate knob into red LED mode, and tweak the knobs some more woah
I'd really like a grayscale Panel for mine, if anyone has one left over. Or if we could do a group buy if we are enough people- I think sempervirent said that he'd be ok with that's and help provide files.
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