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Maths Bouncing ball patch help
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Author Maths Bouncing ball patch help
I've tried this patch like 5 times now and I just cant get it working. Could someone patch it for me? I'm having a hard time following the text. Also, if this belongs in patch ideas feel free to move it. to that forum.

Apply same trigger or Gate to CH. 1 CH. 4 Trigger IN. Set Rise to full CCW and Fall to 3 o'clock, Scale/ Inversion to full CW. Patch CH. 1 Signal OUT to CH. 2 Signal IN. Set Ch. 2 Scale/ Inversion to 10 o'clock. Apply CH. 2 signal out to CH. 4 Both IN. Set CH. 4 Rise full CCW, Fall set to NOON, Scale/ Inversion to Full CW and engage Cycle Switch. Patch CH. 4 Signal out to QMMG CH. 1 Signal IN. Patch MATHS CH. 1 Signal OUT Multiple to QMMG CH. 1 Control Signal IN. Set QMMG CH. 1 Offset to full CCW, Feedback to 9 o'clock, set mode to VCA. Apply Signal to be bounced to QMMG CH. 2 Signal IN where Offset is set to full CCW and feedback is set to 9 o'clock, mode is Both. Patch QMMG CH. 1 Signal OUT to QMMG CH. 2 Control Signal IN. Monitor QMMG CH. 2 Signal OUT. MATHS Vari-Response panel controls will act as a sort of Gravity parameter, where both should be set similar and more Logarithmic response will be less gravity. MATHS CH. 1 Fall parameter is a sort of Restitution control. Increasing Fall parameter means the ball will bounce more times. Shorter Falls times will bring fewer bounces. Setting Fall to before NOON will result in no bouncing. High Gravity settings combined with fewer bounces yields a reverb like sound effect with QMMG.
I've got the patch to work but I had better results using the Doepfer A 132-3 dual VCA. The QMMG works but it give's a sloppier bounce.

If you're using an LFO for the initial trigger it needs to be quite slow so the Maths can play out play out all the bounces.

It's very sensitive to small changes of the rise and fall times.
I just tried it. Sounds like this:

Looks like this:

You can't see it here, but the two red cables that are going to the trigger ins are running to a mult, and the Pressure points/Brains T-gate out is being used as the trigger source. Sorry the picture isn't super clear, I have really poor lighting here.
I just did this the other day when I got my QMMG from AH, it took a second to sort through the jargon in the manual but once I got it sorted it was totally worth it, great sounds. Really good jumping off point to tweak into new areas. Good luck with it.
I forgot to mention, the first two bounces in that audio clip are using the QMMG channel 2 in low-pass gate mode, the last two are in VCA mode. I actually kind of prefer the muted VCA response on this kind of patch.
Thank you! I am going to try this tonight.
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