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Stilton vs. reamp
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Author Stilton vs. reamp
I just hot a stilton yesterday, 10% off. hihi
I was using reamp for the same thing, but in a much more involved complicated way through the mixer aux send and back to the modular. It sounds great. I know there was a stilton thread somewhere, but couldn't find it so I'll start a new thread. Anyone teetering should know that it can do feedback loops as well.

It was nice hearing both channels of the tresonator, analog delay and guitar distortion all playing with the modular at the same time, w/o a bazillion cables that i don't even have enough of and buying 3 more reamps and ASys preamps all while loosing 4 channels of my 16 channel mixer. The TResonator didn't get too out of control either like it usually does w/o a compressor/limiter after it.

I'm still hanging on to the reamp for playing through the twin. smile
Muff Wiggler
very cool, thanks for this info! I have a Stilton on the way and am really looking forward to it - I have loads of pedals 8)

I have a ReAmp v2 which works great, but I bought that with the intent of feeding my amp with it, not a pedal, and I'm sure I will continue to use it as such for the impedance matching abilities. Modular sounds so nice through the amp SlayerBadger!
They sure do. One of these days I have to make a patch that resembles Dick Dale's playing in that flemenco type mode (Phrygian is it?), and put that signal through the reverb tank and out the Fender Twin.

Same here, I got a Stilton, but the reamp will now be purely for sending signals to the Twin.
Muff Wiggler
Stilton arrived today - thing works like a CHARM. very very handy. love it.

had a blast tossing some pedals into the modular mix (Tube Zipper FTW), and had a SUPER blast turning my Ibanez Modulation Delay II into enormous walls of feedback.

total win
dumb question.... what should I do to get this into "feedback mode?"

I mean... I can get it to where each channel with the mix controll brings in that pedal into the mix and layers it so to speak. But not like my Audible Disease RP-1 does where the pedal takes on new characteristics. Make sense? Maybe i'm just monitoring out of the wrong channel for out. HMMMMMM.
Muff Wiggler
1) plug a delay pedal into the 1/4" jack on channel one using an insert (Y) cable

2) plug a signal from your modular into the 1/8" input jack on channel one

3) put the mix knob of channel one all the way up, put the gain knob halfway

4) run one of the two mult'ed outs of Stilton Channel 4 to your mixing board/monitor speakers

5) send a signal from the modular through to channel 1. Adjust your delay pedal for maximum regeneration

6) you should hear the output of the delayed signal in your monitor speakers

7) now here's the important part, where you get the feedback loop:

- with the delay at max regen it should be making all sorts of noise already at this point

- remove the input signal from the modular that is going into the channel 1 input of the stilton. Just pull the cable out.

- take a patch cable, and insert it into the SECOND of the mult'ed outputs on channel 4 of the stilton, and then into the channel 1 stilton input (where you just removed the modular signal).

Now, the output of the delay pedal is feeding back into the delay pedal. That's why channel 4 on the stilton has a pair of mult'ed output jacks - one can go to your speakers/monitors, one can go back to the input of a pedal, causing the feedback loop

now play with the controls on your delay pedal to adjust the sound of the distortion

hope this helps!
Oh Okay..... Guess I was confused by how the outputs were summed. I think i've been monitoring from like channel 2 or 3. So... then you can really only feedback one of the pedals at a time right? or... would you have to mult channel 4 a few more times and put them back into each of the pedals? I dunno why i haven't gotten it yet how this fucker works. Guess I'm mix signal flowtarted. Sorry guys! I guess i was trying to make the combination of the 4 pedals to simultaneously feedback somehow.
Muff Wiggler
with the jumpers in the stock position, channel one out is normaled into channel two in, channel two out normaled into channel three in, and channel three out normalled into channel four in. so you can get feedback going through all four in a serial row if you want.
Ahh, I"ll have to run home and try this. Thanks holmes! U lovin ur stilton? This thing is amazing already and I havent even done feedback stuff yet, lol.
Muff Wiggler wrote:
with the jumpers in the stock position, channel one out is normaled into channel two in, channel two out normaled into channel three in, and channel three out normalled into channel four in. so you can get feedback going through all four in a serial row if you want.

I discovered this by accident. I didn't even realize that there is an internal feedbck loop in the stilton. Doubled the value for me as soon as I heard 4 pedals with only one input Scott's modules are evolving into something beautiful. I guess it can be true, build it and they will come. grin
Here's a patch I made last night using the Stilton, Fulltone GT500, DejaVibe Moog 104z and a Futureretro Revolution, yup that's what's doing the filtered pulses. This would have been a HUGE pain in the ass and used many 1/4" patch cables if it weren't for the Stilton. I love the internal signal path! That's me on my '89 Strat Plus. Ash...clearcoat, she's a beauty. I'm not doing a whole lot, strumming chords, damping strings, etc. The ebow kicks in a little after the halfway point. Love that swelling it makes. EBow makes the guitar like a sweet interface to the synth. The mult outs also are feeding into an ASys RS-35 which is tracking the frequency (polivoks before it to smooth out the hight end) and doing shit that I forgot what it did. Lots of reverb, but it makes it sound fuller. Hard to believe this is 3 power chord rock n roll under all those electrons.

Sorry about the shitty levels. Gotta figure something out with my GT-500...and it was a bit hot.
Nice ambient guitaring! Very dayvan cowboy.
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