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Author resolved
I've heard that the z8000 can be a bit confusing but that's just hearsay. I like pressure points + brains myself. Not confusing in the least. MFB seq-02 gives a lot of bang for your buck too
I have the Z8000, Brains + 2 Pressure Points, and an Oberkorn, They all operate completely differently, so its not really pros and cons. If you have a large setup with lots of things to modulate and some logic and binary sources, the Z8000 would be great. The Brains and PP setup can do lots of interesting tricks, and has a really cool performance oriented reset function.

I don't think any of these modules try to pack too much function in a small space; there are no menus and everything is clearly laid out.
i prefer the doepfer a154 with 2x a155 combo for more standard stuff
and the z8000 for the crazy stuff.
all are good options, but i'd wait for Rene wink
selfoscillate wrote:
i prefer the doepfer a154 with 2x a155 combo for more standard stuff and the z8000 for the crazy stuff.

The 155/154 can do some crazy stuff, too, just to mention it. w00t
what else do you have in your studio?
Nelson Baboon
You should read the available documentation because you are comparing very different sequencers. Each one will have its fans, so asking which ones people like will really only reinforce opinions that you already want to hear.

I'd recommend that if you don't have a sequencer already, to go with something that at least is based on the traditional concept. The Doepfer a154/a155 is, and also has some rather powerful features. The rs200 (though I've never actually used one) always struck me as rather overpriced for a rather basic package - the oberkorn looks more interesting to me.

I really didn't like the z8000 much. Kind of neat at first, but then I found its limitations to be rather frustrating. I didn't much care in practice for lots of short sequences which share the same values.
Only have an RS200...I like the trigger switch options, the skip feature and the ability to feedback sequence cv.
the 155/154 package is indeed nice, I find myself using the simpler sequencers for day to day use and the 155/154 for more complex stuff. I want to try it as an arpeggiator using the 8 CV outs from my encore expressionist but I am lost at a certain stage of the patch (deserves another thread)

the PP/brains is cool but you wanna be able to use PP for other stuff too and not have it tied up sequencing all the time. I've been using the STG graphic sequencers clocked off my FR revolution and that is nice. The LED sliders are a nice touch. classy even. I'd like to add a trigger sequencer to my STG suite as well as some future STG stuff to get some better reset options for the 155 and BRAINS.
Got Clockwork, Z8000, Brains & 2x Pressure Points. Love it all - use it all - regularly. I'm particularly fond of sequenced modulations, so I can't get enough sequencers....

I WILL be getting Rene, no doubt about it.

Just be aware that the Z8000 hugely benefits from other modules like the RCD and A156 Quantizer (Quantizer because Z8000 puts out 0-10V, which makes it hard to tune accurately).

Flame Tame is an option over the A156, and has different abilities.

I second all opinions here - RTFM so you know what does what.
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