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Advise on case choice needed
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Author Advise on case choice needed
I currently have a Portable Monster Base and two A-100P6 suitcases plus one in the box. The latter was a stupid GAS buy as they were a bit cheaper as usual at Schneiders and I bought two instead of only the one I needed. Later I got the Portable Monster Base for cheap and put two of the suitcases on it. Now it's foreseeable that I'm running out of space and I don't know if I should sell all my three suitcases and get a bigger Monster Case (A-100PMS9 or PMS12) or sell only the one I've not used, get a small PMS6 Monster Case and place the two suitcases on them.
The first solution would look better and be more stable and the latter would mean a smaller sell loss. It also seems that no one really wants the 6U Doepfer suitcases anymore, for my last try I only got a 200 Euro offer although I never used it and paid 360 Euro myself.
A third option would be to use the third suitcase and wait until it got filled, too, before purchasing any new case. But I don't like to stack them like this. I don't think this would be really stable.

What would you do? hmmm.....
sell the small case and get a Monster to set on top of that base
you can always keep a case for a small portable system
de_raaf wrote:
you can always keep a case for a small portable system

Yeah, although the power cable is on the back side.

Thanks for your thoughts. thumbs up
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