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5672 tube vca "the hearing aid"
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Author 5672 tube vca "the hearing aid"
hey muffs

i just built up my own version of a vca which was been floating around the web. i've added a bunch of stuff to it like an input mixer and some final gain stages to bring the sub-mini pentode upto decent levels.

it has some quirks like a pwm effect during the open/close phase of the vca
sounds very unique imo, and you can make it go reasonably unstable or stable (it was pretty unstable on my breadboard until i added a offset trim thanks to the advice of eric, thanks eric!)

i just designed the pcb template
untested at this stage, however ill print some up this week
check it out

let me know if you build it
as there are some trimmings needed
I love the ghetto style photoshop layout love
yup, hehe
i might try the next one in ms-paint
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