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Doepfer a-173 "Distance to CV" ?
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Author Doepfer a-173 "Distance to CV" ?
Ok its probably nothing but I noticed on the Doepfer Wiki a future module labelled "Distance to Cv". Anyone know anything about this? Is it real? Is anything like this around in other modules?
Sounds like A-178 Theremin Control Voltage Source.

...unless it means like a modular odometer hmmm..... hihi
Could be distance measuring like on d-beam controllers?
A google turned up "infrared based". In any case the Theremin module has at least some ground covered. Of course once you get further back from the instrument you need a different controller than a theremin but then again if you are further back you can't tweak your synth.
The A-100 page on VSE says "A-173 Distance controlled CV (infrared based)"...but there is nothing on the doepfer site seriously, i just don't get it
this thing could control pitch but how would it create gate triggers? with a button on the module? So you move your hand or whatever to change the cv and you could press a button to create triggers so you could in effect have a controller?
Alesis Air Synth makes for a fun infrared XYZ controller if you send its outputs through preamps + envelope followers, which often include comparators for deriving your gates and triggers at the desired thresholds.
Slew on the envelope followers makes it even better.
It has some wild LFO programs among other things.
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