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Silent Way + ES-1 or Kenton Pro-2000 ?
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Author Silent Way + ES-1 or Kenton Pro-2000 ?
I recently sold my Kenton Pro-2000 so I could get the mkII version which as mono-legato portamento (i.e. only glide on overlapping notes)... but I then ran out of cash before I could by the mkII to replace it.

I have been looking into Volta + Silent Way, I have an RME Multiface on my main production PC and a MacBook with a Motu ULtralite. I was thinking, maybe instead of the Pro-2000 I could get Silent Way and the ES-1. Would be a bit cheaper than the Pro-2000!

Only thing is - I like being able to work only with hardware sometimes, not having to set things up on a screen. I have been enjoying using the Genoqs Nemo -> Pro-2000 -> modular combination, as I can play around without using or looking at the computer.
I know there is an advantage of v accurate timing with Silent Way / Volta. And of course creative control possibilies...

Any opinions??
If you're using the Ultralite you don't actually need the ES-1 (though there are still advantages to using it).

I would say - download the Silent Way demo & see how you get on with it.
Thats just what I did - followed the tutorial for using it with Live with the ULtralite.
Almost too easy!!

Its working great... I think I will buy it, only £32? Bargain!

Havent tried hooking up the Nemo yet, but if I use the Macbook only for SilentWay+modular stuff and the rest on my production PC, think it could be a pretty sweet alternative. Also, the tuning seems to be pretty solid after calibration. I'm def gonna be digging into this more before I consider splashing out on another dedicated MIDI-CV converter.

Good work !! 8_)
Guinness ftw!
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