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Korg MaxiKorg 800DV and Silent Way
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Author Korg MaxiKorg 800DV and Silent Way
Test update:

Setup: Running the Silent Way Voice Controller and AC Encoder routed out to M-Audio Delta 410 (PCI) outputs 3\4 and out to the 'Matchbox' (to increase the output levels) then out to the half wave rectifier cables into my O-scope.

The Voice Controller calibration procedure produces stable gate signal on the Right output (initially at 11V) and the 'voltage stepping' output on the CV signal on the Left successfully (12V max). I was told that the gate signal should be 5V, so I adjusted the 'Matchbox' output down to it's minimum on that channel so Gate is now at 6.50V. I kept the CV signal at 12V to achieve a 12Octave range when I calibrate. So for all intents and purposes, it seems that I have a fully functional setup of Silent Way and AC Encoder running.

Here's my current issues and questions:

#1: Should I keep the Gate voltage tuned at 6.5V or ??
#2: When attempting to calibrate a KORG MAXIKORG 800DV, I don't hear a response from the VCO until the highest octave\Voltage, and the calibration algorithm I get is unusable and doesn't scale, basically it only plays one note over the entire keyrange. I've read that the Maxi Korg responds to negative voltages and has an operating voltage at 20V. Has anyone successfully gotten a Korg MAxiKorg DV800 to calibrate and how? BTW, the calibration schema I ran was the HZ\Octave in Voice Controller.

Thanks for any assistance,

The right gate voltage depends very much on what you're controlling. Anything up to the supply voltage ought to be OK.

Looked on the web for a Maxikorg manual and it's not clear that it has CV inputs by default. Does yours have a mod? If so, which?
I did Modify the MaxiKorg with the Analogue Solutions option. (The one where you have to hold the key down to open the S&H Gate.) I have Pitch CV, Gate, HPF CV, and LPF CV.

Thanks for the help Os!!
I can't find any detailed info on that mod. Do you have a manual or something? A schematic?
BTW, I'll confirm, there are no external CV connectors

Why you won't find the ASolutions mod on the web is I think Analogue Solutions wants to sell you their kit, which is just normalizing jacks, leads and a diagram of where to tap the board btw.

My PCB had many important points printed in English. For those without the kit already I'd suggest you take a look at the more involved mods on the web where you don't have to hold down a key for CV and they will surely reveal the CV and gate points you can connect to

I probably mentioned some kind of very large voltage swing, but it was related to the filter CV. I drilled some holes and installed the mod like the kit said before I realized the MaxiKorg, or at least my MaxiKorg has DIN pedal connectors. I presume the 800DV that the mod was tested on did not. Then I realized my Doepfer LFO, which has like a 3v or whatever amplitude just wobbled the filter a little in a hardly dramaic way...

Anyway it should be just standard Hz/V. If you are getting odd behavior and you are holding down a key you should check out the duophony mode. Maybe it's set in a counterproductive way, but that's just a guess. As for gate voltage, I guess you just need to figure out the least amount you need to trigger it... though I am remembering I used a Kenton to test mine which had a lot of gates to choose from. The Korg might very well have some kind of unusual negative gate since the MS-20 has one, am I remembering rightly?
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