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Eurorack advice to compliment Roland 100M D-Set
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Author Eurorack advice to compliment Roland 100M D-Set
Hey Wigglers,

I've got a 100M standard D-set (112, 121, 130, 140, 150) and I've been thinking about starting a eurorack setup to compliment it.

I was wondering what some of you experienced wigglers might recommend to expand it's power and creative possibilities.

I was thinking of getting a 2 row Monorocket and adding modules little by little.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Hi Eli,

I have 3 100m racks (2 standard D sets and another filled with other goodies). I also have a modest eorurack and frac rack setup to accompany it so I'm sure I can make some reccomendations but it depends entirely on what you are trying to achieve.

What sort iof sounds do you want to make?
Do you want to make self playing and evolving patches or are you more of a sequencer kind of patcher?

Hey Adam,

Thanks for the response! That is a good question. I typically make music in a pretty straightforward fashion. I use logic to sequence my synths: OB-8, P-5, Juno-106, ATC-1, Neptune.

I think it would be cool to be able to make some self evolving patches.

Modules that look interesting to me:
Make Noise QMMG
Make Noise Maths
4MS A-Toner
Harvestman Hertz Donut
STG Graphic Sequencer

I'm a total Modular NOOB! Might be fun to add some different flavors of filters and oscillators too.
I don't actually own any of those modules so I can't comment on their usefulness however they are all very highly thought of around these parts.

With the 100m you've pretty much got all of the basics covered so going for the more esoteric functionality is not a bad idea. An extra oscillator or two would certainly not go astray and I can recommend the Livewire AFG as a worthy accompaniment for the Roland oscillators. There's a vast array of filters available in Euro land with varying qualities; I've got a good number of them but I keep falling back to the wasp filter which I absolutely love.

As far as self evolving patches are concerned, modulation sources with long cycle times are quite useful for introducing variation - the uLFO is particularly good for this as can go to a ridiculously slow rate. Complex modulation sources are also fairly important, the Doepfer quad envelope generators and the Livewire Vulcan modulator are good places to start. I'm sure some the drone creators here could give you some more information on this though.

The best thing for you to do is to search for audio/video examples of modules you might be interested in (Youtube is now rife with module demos) and don't be afraid to ask any questions you might have here.

On the 100m, are the VCAs expecting 5v to open, or 10v?

Are there any other standards to be aware of?

Gate voltage?

PSU is 15v right?
From memory, the envelopes are 0 to 10V or o to -10V depending on which output you select so the VCAs would probably not fully open with 5V envelopes. Having said that I've not really noticed any issues with using lower level envelopes with them.

The gate inputs trip at around 3V.

VCOs put out 10Vp-p

One thing to watch is that the VCAs are capable of outputting a very hot signal at the High output.

The 100m uses +/-15V supplies.

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