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dimensions of mfb 3u rack
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Author dimensions of mfb 3u rack
does somebody has the exact dimensions of the mfb 3u rack
especially front height and back height.

i want to place it in this suitcase, its a bit longer than 19", not much, so i probably take of the rack ears, and will leave me space in the fron or back of the rack, depending the height of the mfb rack

if somebody wants the electro massage thing (sans case) you get it for free if you pay postage.

any reviews about the mfb power/midi for this rack???

ore other solutions for the case, seems his acrylic rack should fit in nicely too, only need detachable hinges for the cover
Jason Brock
I don't have the rack frame but I'm posting a large picture of it below in case you haven't seen it before. It looks like it is at least twice as deep as's acrylic end pieces. The Schneiders website lists the "usable depth" as 5.5 cm.

I do have the MIDI/Power board though and it has worked perfectly for me so far. The only feature I haven't used on it is the Clock output, so I can't comment on that. There are a couple of other threads about it if you search. Some of them will mention a problem with stuck notes from the MIDI converter but I'm pretty sure that was on earlier versions of the board and it has been fixed with newer ones. I haven't had that problem with mine.

My one complaint about the MIDI/Power is the physical location of the sockets on the boards. The power connector is on the back, 90-degrees different from the MIDI connector. Plus the heat sinks stick out further than the MIDI connector. This makes it pretty much impossible to mount inside a fully-enclosed case unless you rewire some things or make your own breakout panel.

thank for info, don't think it will be a problem (at the back its 10 cm deep, front = 4,5, lengt =20 cm, so will fit in nicely in between
the case, measered with a other 3u (bigger rack) gives a half centimeter room on both sides, so probably i'm not going to screw it in but keep it firm with some carton or something, keep a gap open in the back, and permanently fit a midi cable there too.
the only tricky thing i see, is removing existing hinges (no screws) (break out?)attached to case and cover and replace this ones with detachables

front room can be used for patchcable storage.

hopefully order it around my birthday in november.

and maybe a good and cheap way if using midi is something i like with the modular

20minutes later saw the top of bolts (of the opening mechanism) of the hinges, so i can detach and just use a nail or a thing and a bold to lock it.
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