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Power Down
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Author Power Down
For whatever reason, the mailroom at work is holding my patch cables hostage. Despite this, I managed to record this new noodle of me playing around with my new Modcan modules.

Patch is as follows:
A LFO from the Quad LFO was sampled at a slow rate on the CV Recorder. This was then pitched up through the duration knob. The Quad LFO (in various settings and twiddlings) then modulated the CV Recorder's duration parameter. The waveform out of the CV Recorder goes into a Plan B M12 in lowpass mode to take some of the digital highs off of it. A Doepfer A-143-1 mix out of the 4 EGs is modulating the M12 for some amplitude variation. The M12 is being further modulated by randomly picked voltages from a A-149-1. A touch of reverb at the end from a Z5000.
EVIL! SlayerBadger!
Sounds like underwater dentistry... a good thing in my book... (minus the dentistry part)
Man that is beautiful w00t we're not worthy
Amazing possibilities.
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