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wogglebug test?
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Author wogglebug test?
I think my wogglebug is fried but I want to make sure I am testing it correctly, as I haven't used it enough to get to know it. I'm getting 8.8 Volts DC out of the stepped CV out no matter how I turn the knobs. The VCOs seem to be working but the CVs don't.

This comes after a short in my bussboard, and I want to make sure it is actually broken before I send it out for service. I used it before and from what I remember it did more than this by far, but it has been a month or two since I've had enough case and power to use it.

anyway can anyone recommend basic settings and expected results? I have read through the manual and it is great, and after reading that, I'm fairly sure my module is fucked, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask around here.
The top right knob, if tweaking that doesn't change the random output then something is wrong. Unless I never understood the woggle at all, which is slightly possible cause it's a mysterious fucker.
^ Yeah, and the third knob down, turn it to 12 o'clock. Does the red gate light flash at different speeds as you turn that knob?
as my roommate describes " the lights are on but nobody's home "

which is to say that the LEDs are pretty much just on all the time. both of the tests posted above failed, and I am convinced that the module is fried.

think it's likely to be fried.

is weird that the vcos are working but their companion cvs are not. the functionality of the module is linked thru the vcos. are the vcos changing pitch?

stepped cv should change randomly at with every new clock value. the other cv and audio outs will be relative to this.

if you have something plugged into clock in that could cause the above issue and non responsiveness.
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