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Removing old recordings from 4 track cassette tapes?
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Author Removing old recordings from 4 track cassette tapes?
I have a 4 track cassette recorder that Waz hooked me up with. The problem is after giving it a full deal test I can not completely remove the data since it has no erase function. I recorded over them with no signal and all I get is louder noise with a faint footprint of the old work. When it passes the point into the part of the unrecorded tape it finally goes silent like I would want. Anyway I can erase this data completely?

My device is a Tascam Portastudio MF-PO1. I know it is recommended I use Type 2 tapes but I am using Type 1.
Just me
A bulk eraser is the best way.
If the bias is not correct, it won't record over well. Have you demagnetized, cleaned the heads? Very essential on those narrow tape low speed units.
its hard to get good recordings on fourtrack, you should use the highest quality audio tapes possible (i believe they are metal), even with those you will get a less then perfect recording.
And sometimes old tapes will just be permanently ruined after a few goes...the high qaulity tapes will have a better life.
Just me
Since your deck doesn't have an erase; use a standard cassette deck to erase side 'a' and flip it over and do side 'b'. That will erase all 4 tracks.
Clean the head with a Q-tip and 91% isopropyl (but DON'T clean the rubber capstan wheel with it, it'll get fucked up!)

These guys run at 1.75 ips so if you can dig up even one or two unused type II cassette tapes that'll make a big difference in quality as well, and you can fit tons of material onto each tape.
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