Getting MIDI into my PC...

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Getting MIDI into my PC...

Post by wuff_miggler » Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:24 pm

OK wigglers,

I recently bought a used Kurzweil ribbon controller - and need to get it into my PC either via USB or PCI.

Option A
get a midi controller with USB out...and plug the midi outs of the kurzweil into the controller.
i dont mind this - but it seems midi controllers are getting a bit mickey mouse...(shitty touch, or meh features??, or more commonly no midi inputs at all)

Option B (what i dont know much about but am very interested in)

Using a PCI/PCIe solution to get midi this even a thing in 2020??

Multiple midi in and out rack solutions with USB output. Liek Motu Midi Express etc.
Are there any good pro solutions?

My main thing is getting TIGHT input...if i lay down a good groove - i'd like it to sound the same on playbackin my DAW.

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