Abstract Data Octocontroller ADE-32 firmware 2.0

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Abstract Data Octocontroller ADE-32 firmware 2.0

Post by dBVelocity » Wed Jul 01, 2020 1:06 am

So I posted this already in the other firmware thread but it made sense to start a new one as it's been years since that one was started and this is a significant update :

So on a whim I checked the downloads section on their site and firmware 2.0 has arrived!

I'm rushing to install now but the new features are gonna take a bit to learn and integrate. Manual is updated as well. Note that loading the new firmware resets to factory settings. Happy wiggling!

1) NEW FEATURES • Visualization mode adds a new way for users to see the signal activity at each output. • Output lock ensures no parameter or edit changes can be made while an output is locked. • Unipolar 0-5V and bipolar +/-2.5V options added for all LFO output types. • New V-Trig and S-trig options for Pulse output types. • Two new Digital Noise algorithms added. • Korg-compatible 2 PPQN added as an external sync option. • Two new ‘kick and snare’ Loop sets added for quick, simple beat creation. • Arpeggios and S&H Gate looping now have options to run forward, backward or alternating. • Universal ‘Exit Edit Mode’ button functionality to easily exit any edit mode. • Factory reset functionality allows users to quickly reset all outputs to default factory settings.

Goes on to list bug fixes and improvements. :guinness:

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