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Portable headphones that are suitable for mixing?
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Author Portable headphones that are suitable for mixing?
I'm in search for a pair of small headphones that I could do music with while on the move. Something what you can make rough mixes with too, suitable for djing is a + too...
Any suggestions?
sennheiser HD-25
Thanks, I think I take those.
+1 on the HD-25, I've been using them for years
As much as I love Sennheiser headphones, they have the worst customer support ever. I received a nice 200$ pair of headphones for xmas about 2 years ago and there was a weird rattling sound in the low-end of one of the ears. The person that bought them for me didn't keep the receipt of course. d'oh! For them to even look at my headphones they wanted some ridiculous fee. I remember it being around 50$. Then they had some kind of crazy repair chart illustrating the cost of certain malfunctions. I wrote a shit-ton of emails to various employees explaining my problem and how these were brand new headphones. Not one person showed me any concern. They all pointed me to their repair chart. Long story short, keep your receipt! lol
I use the Sony MDR7506 for DJing... Pretty durable, eventually the cup falls off but is easy to put back on during a song... sound good and are more comfortable for DJing the actual "DJ" headphones. STUDIO: Good for tracking as they are a big mid heavy which helps hearing the tone of whatever is being recorded and decent for mixing a track once you are used to the way music sounds on them...

Beyerdynamic 770, 880, 990 are THe SH!T for mixing in your DAW. May sound a little akward at first, however worth every penny. Once you are adjusted to the way music sounds in these your mixes will def get better. They have a great flat response and are VERY comfortable. I can also were these for quite some time during a session with out the ear fatigue I experience with the Sony's.

Hope my 2 cents helps... I've worn headphones for work for the last 4 years pretty much every day
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