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Cheap trigger to midi clock?
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Author Cheap trigger to midi clock?
I'm looking for a cheap and simple way to get a simple trigger (square CV or audio pulse) to set midi clock, and then use that clock as a master for some different hardware and applications via a usb midi interface. Any experience out there with this? Ideas?

I've searched a bit, and there are devices to do this but they generally have more functionality than I need and are also more expensive than I want. Any pointers towards DIY or ready-made solutions would be appreciated.
Cheapest way I can think of would be the A-192 and a MaxMSP patch. This is one of the things on my Max to-do list.
Funny you mention that. I'm trying to figure out how to do it in Max/MSP right now. Although first from an audio pulse, if that doesn't work I'll buy/make hardware.
why not use the audio trigger as a tap tempo input?

DP allow this i think - not sure of other daws

other way is to use a trigger to midi box - my old alesis dm5 drum module has it - i even have an old simmons box designed for that - you can find them cheap on the ebay

if your going max/msp - the tap tempo model is still the easiest i think
cheapest, and possibly easiest way to do it in hardware?
- a dinsync-to-midi converter costs 40usd and the clock signal can easily be emulated from an analog - there's a start/stop signal, which is a 5v gate, and a 24ppq pulsetrain of low=0v, high=5v. Requires a bit of soldering to build a plug that'll do it for you, but it could be worth it, if you want to exclude the computer.

And yes, in max it's bloody easy:

- you can make a simple comparator circuit too, if you want it to trigger from signals that aren't squared up, but this'll do fine for your needs, I think.

Let me know if you need something more specific.

Oh, and between us: I'd do the max one, I don't like hardware midi...
Thank you wetterberg! That was fast and easy. I really appreciate the help - I'm new to this and have alot to learn. I have 2 unused 5v analog ports on the monome. I might have to make one or both a CV input, and bypass the audio realm. And also figure out how to get other apps to listen to the clock from MaxMSP.
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