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Flight Power - some info and a question
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Author Flight Power - some info and a question
first off - for UK wigglers - i've sized up a power adapter for the FoH power module
Maplins part number N58AT, 14.99
and power tip "E", AQ88V, 1.69 (as the FoH uses a measurement thats not included in the basic adapter)

now all i need is the for the FoH in the first place QQ

the question i have, is there any way to allow the FoH to connect to and power more than the 13 modules its standard ribbon cable offers? or will Y- adapters off the main ribbon make the whole thing go Dead Banana ?
The Power module doesn't come with a 13 connector ribbon cable. It comes with a 13 inch cable to connect it to bus boards.

You're going to need bus boards to make use of it (or build a weird quick connect -> ribbon cable adapter). Doepfer bus boards have 14 connectors. The Power module has enough quick connect wires to connect two bus boards off of it.
MrDys wrote:
The Power module doesn't come with a 13 connector ribbon cable. It comes with a 13 inch cable to connect it to bus boards.

ah...... and d'oh!

i'd mis-read the page at AH stating:
includes 13? doepfer-style 18awg wire harness with quick-connect connectors.

as meaning 13 connectors.... not 13".

i suppose the end result (whilst a little more expensive) is a lot more effective...
DIY'ing a bus board is super simple though if cost is a concern.
Some stripboard, headers, and if you want led indicators some resistors and leds.
the doepfer boards are only about £26 each - cheap enough and a damn damn sight easier than me trying to solder / wire up anything myself...
Yes, the FoH Power does only supply +12V and -12V. You need an Doepfer AD5!
modular world and tiptop busboards have a +5v regulator on board, probably others too.
shaft9000 wrote:
could i simply add the Tiptop passive busboard to get +5V from FoHPower?

Keep in mind that you don't get that +5V for free. Those busboards are going to suck current at a constant rate to provide that +5V. The Doepfer +5V regulator eats about 200ma. You're going to need to be mindful of this when taking into account the power demands of your modules on the Power module.
Softwire's boards also have 5V.

sounds like it is time to add up your modules current draw for each 12v rail (and +5v per busboard). also account for 5v regulators loads on the +12.

multiply your ps ratings by 0.6.

if draw > ps rating x0.6, you need more power to avoid headaches. you can get by with a higher factor, this is conservative.
I am looking at this power supply option, but I have two questions:

1) How large is the power supply output if I buy this from AH? Is the same power supply output the same if I buy it directly from FOH?

2) Are the bussboard connection wires included as well? Is it easier to connect this to the MW or the Doepfer buss boards?
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