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Flame Midi Talking Synth
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Author Flame Midi Talking Synth
After a hell of alot of trial and error this still may not be right but let's just do it. I wanted to do a post on the Flame Midi Talking Synth just to show a unique little box that does weird stuff.

I got this box a few months ago and started messing with it and I'm finding that I really like it. I made a really rough demo and put it on[] The file name is Flame.mp3 it clocks in at just under 6:00 minutes so if you can bear the somewhat overbearing hi hat track you can get a little idea on the box itself.

As far as the demo goes I ran the Flame through an Ibanez ad202 (which I love) and that was it. I just moved joysticks and at the end self oscillated the delay and there you have it. The hi hat went into the Sherman and I threw in an FL studio sampled remark to boot.

There is a picture of it on flickr[]

The Talking synth is a cool box as esoteric as it may be, and pricey too, but the thought of using the Speakjet chip was irresistable to me. After the PSIM-1 (vc speakjet synth stopped I was happy to see Ampere, the mfgr, come up with this.

You can check out Analogue Haven for a description on the box and the mfgr's website.

There, I hope the site links are correct. Responses, good or bad are welcomed. razz [/img][/url]
Looking forward to hearing these!!! grin
Thanks zerosum!

I replaced the address' with the correct ones, I hope. Let me know if they work. grin
That was really amusing grin
Im sure thats a lot of fun, very wierd.
Expensive, but could be a totally inspiring machine to have at the fingertips.

cool stuff man grin
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