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Author Otis
I thought I would go back and document Otis, my DIY banana modular.
I'll post the other pics later but here is the latest on the 4U to fill the void, I still have ALOT of work to do between now and friday for the Cleveland meet up... but this is where I stopped last night smile

Very nice (as always)
Pure. Fucking. Sex.

Dayummmm. I would have loved to steal some of those graphics off you when I was doing up my plague bearers. Awesome!
Looks great man!
Chris thanks! Your Coppersynth looks BADASS as well! This year we have to make a point to hook up and patch these fuckers together over a weekend!
great panel with loads of character!
love your work!
tragedybysyntax wrote:
Your Coppersynth looks BADASS as well! This year we have to make a point to hook up and patch these fuckers together over a weekend!

Definitely! BTW, I posted some new pics of it in the "banana pics" thread. hyper
Picture of Coppersynth for those that don't know where to find 'em:

Great work, guys.
tragedybysyntax wrote:

superb etching !
Haiku-ish, thanks! You are the guy with the fabulous guitar pedals that are etched right? You were one of my inspirations bud!!! smile
Update since yesterday. twisted This panel is starting to turn into something else wicked once I added those vacuum tubes. The top tube.... there is a replacement one that is glass that is the same spec, I just haven't picked it up yet. Otis is going to be FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN to play with even without the other limbs.

Phantastron works! So does the Ring mods as of last night! Oh and the plague bearers work well! Tonight I"m going to try and finish the fonik mixer, LPG's, and build a new pulse divider for the top row.... can't find the short or why it's being dumb at the /5 /7 output... and I'm getting wierd voltages at all the outs.... new board it is! smile

GETTING THERE!! Once this thing is all fully working and rockin.... Happiness for a LONNNNNNNNNNNG time.

tragedybysyntax wrote:

What is that power supply PCB in the corner? How much does it put out? I can't quite make out the website name on it.
tragedybysyntax it's the psu for the phantastron wink
thats fookin badass man. very nice original work.
woah waah waah waah waah waah waah
Fuck, that's gorgeous, awesome job thumbs up

What are the various modules?
Thanks alot guys! It was a ton of fun to design it, now I"m just trying to find the time to finish wiring it, lol. I"m about half done. Been busy etching panels for peeps.

The Modules are : Phantastron, Triple waveshapers, Ian Fritz Teezer, Wogglebug, Dual Ring Mod, Dual LPG, Dual Plague Bearer, Slope Detector, Quad 281, FOnik Mixer
Bryan B
Great Panel! I love the Angry Cupcake's eyes. I bet this thing is a real deal banana mangler.
It's so much fun to play with even with only half the panel working. I can't wait to get it done and then start working on my Modcan A and Buchla to keep him company while I plan out the 2nd DIY Case twisted
looks great. Nice work!!
How did I just find this??? Dude, you are a god.
that's quite the compliment, thank you!!!!!!
I'll post some better shots tonight for you fellas. Im heading to Mexico for a week but when I get back, I HAVE to finish the wiring and start enjoying this suckah smile
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