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Paia rack???
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Author Paia rack???
Are there any reasons I shouldn't buy a Paia rack?
Muff Wiggler
i have one PAiA and 17 Blacet

the paia is lighter, flimisier, and the metal is conductive

the blacet is stronger, tougher, heavier and non-conductive

the PAiA assembles without the PEM nut things welded to the bars, which the Blacet has. thus is both not as strong and prone to stripping out if you overtorque it, or really ever need to take it apart again

mind you, mounted in my wooden rack thing between two blacet racks, there's no way you can tell any of that, it seems identical
Thanks dude... Other than the obvious fact that its cheaper, it has a top and bottom. I plan to have my euro suitcase ontop of my frac in the studio.

Whats a brother to do??? I guess I could just buy a rack case, I would need to find a super shallow one however.
I've 4 PAiA racks placed on top of each other and not rack mounted. Every thing works fine for. There are 2 minor disadvantages:

1) Due to rack ears and frontpanels the front is slightly higher than the back. Looks OK for me...
2) ...but it becomes unstable when a e.g. a heavy Power One psu will be attached to the back panel. Thus the top rack has a tendency to fall backward unless it is connected to a lower rack via a cable strap or whatsoever.

I'm very happy that PAiA offers these cost efficient racks! Since the Blacet racks (I've got one as well) are intended to be rack mounted, I think, them unnecessarily sturdy.
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