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zRail mounting screws
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Author zRail mounting screws
A question for those that have bought and used zRails...

I'm thinking of getting a set and am curious about the screws that go in the sides to hold them to side plates. The AH page (I believe incorrectly) says it uses two 3.3mm screws to hold them in. The drawing for the rail says M4. (the hole itself is 3.3mm)

Did you use regular M4 screws? Or does it need M4 thread cutting screws? I'd like to use black flathead screws, but they're hard (impossible?) to find in the thread cutting style.

I guess I could get an M4 tap and tap the holes for regular M4 screws if the thread cutting type are the normal ones needed.
It's 4mm.
I actually bought a set quickly by going to the local hobby shop. RC cars use 4mm - and mine wer black hex.

Anyone who's buys end cheeks from me will get Phillips pan head 4mm for their zrails - in zinc.
Cool. So they were the kind with just regular machine screw ends on them? (not self tapping / thread cutting ones)
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