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I everyone, i'm using Silent way to control my moog mf-101, working super good with my saffire LE. But can someone explain to me how the matrix output work ?, here what i'm doing : Sonar 1- midi track (midi to voicecontroller) + 2- audio track (set to output #6 to the saffire LE) with acencoder and voicecontroller. Now when i move the offset of output #1 nothing happen. offset #2 work ! and the env of every output seem to work but are link together if the env of output #1 is close the signal doesn't go to env output #2 or something like that. Sorry for the confusion but that's where i am right now. In the manual it's even more confusing they say : "By default outputs 1 to 6 correspond to Pitch, Gate, Env 1, Env 2, Env 3, and Trigger" ?? right now my best working procedure is to put all env output to max, use the offset in output #2 and i use ADSR of output #1. That's doesn't seem right. but sound good. nice moog filter reaction ! can't wait to program my x-station to operate all this in midi CC. I can use any softsynth oscillator or even better the oscillator section of my Sequential circuit six-trak (6 oscillators in stack mode). Monster fat. help
The Voice Controller has 6 outputs.

The 6 rows of the Output Matrix correspond to the 6 outputs. Each row is essentially an 8 channel mixer, combining the various CV signals into the signal that ultimately goes out of the plug-in.

E.g. output 1 is row 1 in the matrix. All knobs default to 0.0 except the one under Pitch, which defaults to 1.0. Therefore, output 1 by default outputs a pitch CV.
Thanks OS,

1 - "By default outputs 1 to 6 correspond to Pitch, Gate, Env 1, Env 2, Env 3, and Trigger" now i understand perfecly well.

2- OS please tell me if i'm right read this : My cv audio output is #6 on my saffire (pan right of the stereo pair on the audio track) and i think it is link to output 2 of the matrix because :
A) i only have one voicecontroller and audio left of the saffire is link to matrix output #1 and right saffire link to matrix #2
B) that's why the offset of matrix output #2 worked but not the other because i was pan full right on the saffire

Is that right ? Thanks again, you've been very helpful.
Normally you'd send the output of the Voice Controller to a stereo pair of outputs (at least - or up to 3 stereo pairs). It sounds like you're trying to use a mono channel.
Thanks again OS, yes i read your comment on another forum concerning the fact that Sonar only have a stereo out for each plugin, there is probably a turn around to get more output i will check in the future, but right now i'm in business with a stereo out, one that go into the cutoff, one to the resonance, it work super good with the double voltage configuration and the mf-101. I use the Minimonsta for the oscillator section and leave the cuttoff all open and resonance close and use the filter section of the Moog mf-101. Wow the result is fantastic. I control everything with my X-station and midi CC. I tryed also with my six-Trak and it sound very good too. I'm using Saffire LE with perfect result with 0.47uf.
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