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what will it be?
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Author what will it be?
Chuck E. Jesus
i have a big ass print cabinet left over from my wife's stuff (along with a ton of other shit)...i told my old buddy i want to start getting rid of the stuff, said he can have all the paint and supplies but i want something for the cabinet, he said he knew someone who might want it, that he's really into photography...i spoke to him (my buddy) today and he says "would you take a synthesizer for it?"...i say what kind and he says "the guy says he doesn't know but it's old"...hehehehe...maybe good karma pays off.... i just looked at craigslist and i guess my seven dollar flea market snare drum is a 50's slingerland hehehehe...

whatever, i hope it's a cool synth!
Muff Wiggler
very cool!! hope so as well 8)

I also was given a 'mystery synth' - turned out to be a mint SH-7!!! very very cool
KORG Polysix!!!Make it a Polysix!!!
Wouldnt that be nice smile

Im going to have one of those someday

Hmmmm....Lets think about common "old synhts"
Could it be a Juno??
Man, I cant guess anymore theres too many possibilities lol
casio sk-1
Muff Wiggler
casio vl-tone
careful. if the Masters of the Universe movie taught me anything, its that people often mistake transdimensional relics for synthesizers

When it arrives, tell skeletor I said "sup." He'll know what I mean.
Muff Wiggler
hehe imagine that! i'd never sleep again grin
Chuck E. Jesus
boo and was some italian divide down "instant piano" or something...hahaha, no 2600 for me...
Muff Wiggler
hehehe too bad
Is it broken? smile
If it is then it may have a use smile
broken noises that nothing else can emulate...unless its broken heheh
Chuck E. Jesus
i hav eenough broken shit haha...actually, i got a great japan divide down organ, just needs's in line for the bench treatment....
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