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Can your system do this?
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Author Can your system do this?
Let me interface Ableton live with my modular without using a soundcard?

Through doing so i'd be able to loose my 2nd 19" soundcard.

Would it work with Silent Way for tuning etc or is there another way fo doing this?

Many thanks
there's no easy answer to your question!

the ADDAC001 can indeed be interfaced with ableton live (better with max for live) without any soundcard!
it will need a usb or ethernet cable for communication, midi or wireless (under development)

I'm not very familiar with silent way (apart from Miles Davis' masterpiece) but the main difference i see it's that they use audio to cv conversion (from what i understood, and i must say i didn't understood very well) and i use digital to analog converters, meaning that they're process might be analog as it goes out of the sound card and mine is converted in the module itself, so all communication with the computer is digital (through Serial, OSC or MIDI protocol) and then gets converted to CV on the module itself through a micro-processor and a 16 bit DAC chip that allow you to generate 0 to +5v in an interval range from 0 to 65535.

Tuning (once again from what i understood) is also done in a different way, they seem to use a feedback loop to tune the cv (computer send signal out, computer analises oscillator sound and tunes it from that feedback loop) and mine has to be done manually with the help of simple math

also a diference is that the ADDAC001 Brain has the standalone capability, with some coding skills you can program it to do several standard operations(lfo with sine, triangular, saw...; adsr, trigger delay, randoms, and whatever idea you can come up to) and use it standalone with no computer attached.

i'm not sure if i was clear enough, was i?

best thing would be to contact me through skype, this might become a very geeky talk with loads of ifs and buts and might take some time to clarify everything...

let me know!

Hi Andre,

Thanks for your very detailed response!

OK, it sounds like your module might be overkill for what I want (simple multi point Ableton to CV box that doesn't use loads of outs on my soundcard...

It looks interesting though and I shall be following the development.

Thanks again
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