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New Wiard Ordering Policies
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Author New Wiard Ordering Policies
Muff Wiggler
I assume anyone who is interested saw Grant's post on the Wiard Yahoo group....

personally I think the "6 modules per person/per year" policy is a really good idea for the position Grant is in.

For one, that's a full rack of Wiard, which is a hellua LOT of synth....

For two, I think it sort of levels the playing field in a good way - this is only a hunch, but I assume the majority of Wiard customers are people like me, who need to save for a while to afford ONE module, and really just are not in a position to drop multiple thousands of dollars in one shot on a big system.

With this new policy, it prevents the situation where some rich-dude-on-a-whim, or giant studio where-it-wont-be-as-valued shows up and instantly creates 18 months worth of work for Grant. That makes things way easier on all of us who are making those onesie/twosie orders 8)

Anyway I thought it was really cool of Grant to come forward about the situation and contact everybody to come to some kind of arrangement. Personally I'm happy to wait as long as I have to. Also glad I got in all my payments for a full 6-module set before this happened, and glad we are going into a new year so I can start working on that next set of 6.....
i read grant's message to the group with interest. it was a pretty brave and honest move imho - not many people will admit when they are at, or over, their capacity, particularly when this could (although in this case i doubt it will) have possible negative implications in terms of orders for their business.
anyway, it's got me thinking about wiard (again). i'd figured i would probably get together a few wiard modules at some point. it seems (with an apparent 2 year plus waiting list) that it may be an opportune time fairly soon to put in a deposit and then forget about it until they're ready.
there may be questions regarding module selections to come...

I got almost all modules so shoot ahead.
It's a shame though -I would think he's in the position to actually hire some people to assemble these wonderful boxes;
the aforementioned mega-studios and uber-rich could help keep prices low... I wanna say low, but "at their current state, or slightly lower, even"?
Muff Wiggler
i don't think they would be what they are if Grant wasn't directly involved building and testing them though....
Muff Wiggler wrote:
i don't think they would be what they are if Grant wasn't directly involved building and testing them though....
Pardon my ignorance, but two highly qualified people working in concert to assemble boards would seem like a BETTER way of ensuring quality.

As much as I'd like it to be something else I will say it's the *design* and *construction* of these products that make them what they are.

Overseeing production of a quality "slow-food" product made from fantastic parts and a killer design would be quite different than that of a master luthier, since electronics doesn't have the "magic touch" thing that is required for fine woodworking.

I really do believe that quality is paramount in such a product, but I am much more concerned with the "artisan" idea that it takes a master to assemble an electronic product - it must have been one of the defining issues that has shaped the elitism of the modular scene and to this date keeps the prices in the "aw hell no!" range for most people.

Imagine the great stuff we'd see if Grant was actually afforded the time to *shock!* develop new ideas. I think it's a shame that he's stuck doing electronic assembly, personally. But it's the mans own choice, of course!

ps: sorry for the rant.
I think Grant just wants to keep a special product off him.
It's his baby and he just doesn't want to throw it in mass production.
I don't care really about the new policy when i am gonna fill my 2nd cabinet.
And i am pretty sure he will release new stuff like the envelooper.
He just doesn't release it before he think it is completely ready.
Roycie Roller
If anything, he could charge a little more...they are definitely worth it, for the time spent making them. Maybe if he had a yearly quota in place, he could attain a healthy balance between production & income, R&D, and quality of life.
Very interesting to hear.

It does strike me as a bit strange to do absolutely everything oneself - though I do know the difficulty of finding someone 'suitable'. The way I do it myself now is to have a helper who does a lot of the PCB population / soldering -- but still all the hookup, final assembly and testing is done by me because I really don't feel I can 'trust' anyone with that. There are things to consider like how to find a helper, how they can fit into your (certainly in my case) cranky working setup (!!), how reliable they are both in attendance and detail of work, how long training to a good standard takes.... etc.... I can say, though, that since I began having help it has allowed more flexibility of time for development and other things -- I can set my helper working on a set of boards a few days in advance and then they just need some checking over by me before final assembly (some people would say that at such a stage one should just get the boards populated in china, but that's not really a route I want to take!)
Gordon Cole
my impression is he's not the only one constructing the modules. but he doesn't have a team going either.

i know he doesn't like when people reprint direct quotes from the list but he basically said he gets volunteer help. never divulged how many.
If I get get my hands on a noise ring in the new year I will be a happy man.
D/A A/D wrote:
If I get get my hands on a noise ring in the new year I will be a happy man.

Yes, yes you will! smile

In 1200 format I still want a JAG and a Boogie Filter. Used might be the answer, though I don't see a ton of used Wiard too often.

As for 300 series... I guess I missed that one big time. Much like Muff, that was one of the first systems I drooled over when I was getting into modulars (and they were so cheap back then!). very frustrating
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