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AC Bipolar calibration
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Author AC Bipolar calibration
I finally got round to calibrating my es1 with a volt meter tweaking the trim pots, but by accident I tweaked the dc offset pot. Now I get a nice +5v at 1.0 using the DC plugin thru the AC plugin, but at 0.0 I'm still getting about 1.6v.

Is that not ideal?

Am I aiming for +5 and 0?

I read the instructions, but I'm unsure how I get the dc gain back to unity, anyone able to explain that in more detail, using lay terms.

In great news I was getting more octaves than I have on my 88 note keyboard out of my AFG thru my cheap USB powered audio interface.
If you're looking for bipolar calibration you want a range of -5v to +5v. So with the DC plug at -1, you should get -5v, and at +1, you should get +5v.

Here's a thread I started when I was calibrating mine:

Here's the method I used that was very quick and easy once I figured it out:

I calibrated it this time by sending +1.0 from SW DC, and adjusting the gain until the output was roughly 10V; then I set SW DC to 0.0 and adjusted DC offset until output was at 0V. Not sure how good a calibration method this is, but now I'm getting from -5.03v to 5.4v - not perfectly symmetrical but I'm happy. Do you think I'd get better results if I calibrated by the book or is this about as good as it gets? Either way, I just got 8 (!) octaves out of my AFG. Amazing.

So basically I worried about the bipolar part last.

1. Set DC offset to 0V (0V at pin 1 of RN2 as per the manual)
2. Send +1.0 from SW DC
3. Adjust Channel 1 gain until you get 10V or so
4. Set SW DC to 0.0
5. You should be getting about 5v from the ES-1 with the DC Plug set to 0.0
6. Adjust the DC offset trimpot until you are getting 0V from Channel 1.
7. Now adjust the gain for channels 2-8 until they are all at 0V as well.
8. Done!

You should now have a full bipolar range.
Nice, off to try it out and see.
Yes, make sure you refresh the page cause I edited that post about 3000 times to make it clearer. Guinness ftw!
"1. Set DC offset to 0V (0V at pin 1 of RN2 as per the manual) "

Now that was the step I wasn't clear on, I looked for rn2 but couldn't find it.
Even with that step right, I couldn't get the manual's method to work for me. lol

I had my little eureka moment when I noticed in the manual the line that says the DC offset trimpot is a voltage divider between the two supply rails. So if you have the ES-1 putting out 0 to +10v, adjusting the DC offset will divide that across the positive and negative rails giving you -5v to +5v if you divide it in half. At least that was my understanding.
OK think I found rn2 and put it to zero. I can only get +4.55v before the pot tops out. So I now have + and - 4.55v which I'm assuming won't cause major issues.

I can get my 7 or 8 octaves no issue, which is more than I'll ever need :-)

Now I just need to work out how to get rid of that crazy 0:00:13 latency that is offsetting all my notes. None of the latency fixing solutions in Live seem to be helping at all, probably needs more twiddling.

Thanks for the tips skweegor.
So I have to say, I'm even more of a fan of SW that I was (I'm border line stalker level right now). Was playing with the LFO plugin last night. Wave morphing with offset and async is just madness, the stuff I can get out of it with a few tweaks would take hours to patch up, and I can automate the whole thing in the timeline and save a set.

No need for LFO or Envelope modules anymore (good job since I just sold them all).

Os, or anyone else, is there a way to use SW as an oscillator? Push the LFO to audio rates? Would there be a way to then pass that through the voice control so I got the scale calibrated?

(back to my fiddling with Max/MSP again I think. ;-)
Go get Minky Starshine smile
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