Cheapest CV controller!

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Cheapest CV controller!

Post by audibleobsession » Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:55 pm

With the economy gone to crap, I'm not able to afford the Moog Theremin Pro with CV out I've been eyeing for the last year :(

BUT! I've discovered that a simple stereo 1/4" to 1/8" does just fine as a fun little CV controller. I like to run it to the cutoff CV on my Moog LP and tape the 1/8" end down near the mod wheel...nice to tap it rhythmically or press down on it hard and slow for an aggressive and fast sweep! Just a little trick I thought I'd share!

Very fun and a seriously silly time waster if you turn it into a little game, like I did a few nights ago ;)


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Post by BTByrd » Tue Nov 02, 2010 5:31 am

I lol'ed! :party:

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Post by audibleobsession » Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:23 am

BTByrd wrote:I lol'ed! :party:

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Post by a100user » Tue Nov 02, 2010 9:52 am



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Post by itijik » Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:17 am


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Post by D/A A/D » Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:41 am


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Post by mudlogger » Sun Nov 14, 2010 12:39 pm

Thats top! I'll give it a go.

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Post by Dofkev » Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:47 am

Very cool!

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