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Quick Advice Needed for Planned Modular
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Author Quick Advice Needed for Planned Modular
I've done a lot of research and am planning to expand my current Moog centered setup with a modular system. Currently I have: Moog Voyager, VX-351, CP-251, MF-102, MF-103, & MF-105. I also have an Oberkorn sequencer. I'm looking to expand my modulation capabilities and filter types. I think I've got room for 3 filters in my setup but am having a hard time deciding on the best ones for variety against the Moog LP. I'm pretty sure I want the Polivoks and was thinking of the Frequensteiner and Model 12 or Polivoks, Model 11, and Model 12. I also like the sound of the WASP filter a lot. I've heard a lot of good things about the Frequensteiner but it takes up a fair amount of space so I'm not sure about it. I would appreciate any feedback on which combination would be the most interesting and versatile with what I've already got. I'm not looking to do any specific genre of music, I just want a varied collection of filter 'colors'.
None of the filters you mentioned would be a bad choice - actually they are all filters people seem to recommend first and foremost. I own the Freqauensteiner and Polyvoks and find them both to be superb.

It's probably just a matter of listening to as many demos as possible and making a decision based on personal aesthetic taste.
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