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MOTM Sale Dec 15-31
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Author MOTM Sale Dec 15-31
From the MOTM list:

To celebrate 10 years in the MOTM business, I'm going to run a sale Dec. 15 to Dec 31st.

15% off all assembled modules
10% off blank pc boards

New prices will be automatically set up for that time in the shopping cart.

Paul S.

He later mentioned that the sale is for the 5U modules only, no Frac included in this sale. It is only for currently shipping modules, not pre-announced modules. I may pick up a board or two depending on my Christmas budget. smile
Suburban Bather

So would this exclude the Cloud Generator?

A couple weeks ago I sent a request to be added to the MOTM list. I still have not heard back yet, wtf confused
Weird, the Yahoo groups page says it does not require approval. Did you try here?

He's getting rid of the Yahoo group and replacing it with a forum on his site. It will be part of a whole website redesign. The forum should be interesting.

The sale applies to anything in the store currently. I know that the 730 is not included in the sale. I don't see the Cloud Gen up there either.
Suburban Bather
d'oh! That is the first Yahoo group I've been to that does not require approval. Force of habit for me to go directly to the join this group button.
I got a 650 midi to cv and the 300 ultra oscillator.

I may go back after christmas and order some of the pcb boards. What sucks is that since I'm in texas I have to pay sales tax.
I just gotted me a MOTM-485 Gx-1 stlye VCF w00t
I should order some boards but I'm tapped right now. I could use another oscillator, though.
synthetic wrote:
I should order some boards but I'm tapped right now. I could use another oscillator, though.

You could be completely financially irresponsible like me and order now, even though you don't have the money or credit to cover the purchase and put as note on your order requesting not to be charged until your stuff ships and depend on the hope that your credit card will be freed up enough by the time Paul ships it! eek! MY ASS IS BLEEDING Tinfoil Hat

But, it's "safer" to try that with assembled modules cuz panels and boards etc ship fairly fast!

I hope Paul doesn't read this forum! eyes...

Mr. Green
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