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Out with the Old, In with the New = ZEN
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Author Out with the Old, In with the New = ZEN
How often do you guys swap out gear in the studio?
Any of you have G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)?

I would say about every 12 to 18 I tend to overhaul the studio,
typically by selling some old to help pay for the new. But this time
around, I realized I had G.A.S. and cleaned house. I didn't realize
how much junk I was hanging onto to fill in my racks and keep
the studio looking good d'oh! . So I cleaned house! I got rid of all
my space filling gear, all that kind of stuff you think you really
need, but only really use once or twice, then invent reasons why
you should keep it. Same with sound producers, I got rid of a bunch!
Now I have so much more room to think, room for high quality stuff
(or at least my price point), and only stuff I know I will use.

The studio is back in Zen SlayerBadger!
(Don't worry, I didn't touch the modular thumbs up )
I REALLY liked the look of your C64 and RZ-1 units though. Lovely bits that had me scratching my wallet.

I'm with you on the cleaning house. I've been selling off a ton of stuff and I've never felt better about it.
essex sound lab
For a second, I thought you must have purchased a new console. lol

Seriously though, cleaning house and putting things in order is quite liberating for the mind and soul. I'm close to completing a clean-up project on my space and it does indeed feel good.
Ha, Ya I didn't realize how much sense that makes from my title lol
Until very recently, ie after about 30 yrs I never sold a thing, now I've got rid of a few bits that have not been used for a decade or so. But then I never bought much until recently because there was never the money.

I may sell off one cheap 90s digital multi-effects and get a Lexicon 300 whatsit - but that will probably be it.
exactly the same for me. those pieces of gear i would not sell because i had them a long time ...

I have started getting recycling most of my gear in around a year ago ( or 2 ?) and this was the best thing ever.

since then, all gear i got which was not perfect for me went out the window - and I have learned so much about all this !
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