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Anyone have an A156...
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Author Anyone have an A156...
And want to make a quick demo for me? I'm thinking of buying one but want to see how useful it will be in my setup. I'm just looking for a simple LFO -> A156 -> VCO (pitch) and S/H -> A156 -> VCO (pitch) kind of thing. Thanks.
Hi Jon, not sure if you saw this:

And this is using the A-156 from an LFO input as well:

Of course I am big fan of the A-156. An alternative perhaps is the Blacet miniwave with PlanB faceplate kit, as others swear by its quantizing abilities. If it is a decent quantizer, then it's probably the better way to go as it can do much more than the 156. I have yet to get mine together (I bought it in kit form for the challenge!) so I can't say first hand, unfortunately.

Doh, I'm an idiot. I have seen the violin video... Thanks for the reminder.
I made a demo for you. I have a triangle LFO signal going to the A-156. The only thing I'm touching though out are the toggle switches on the A-156, to demonstrate what they do. The LFO is not touched.

The A-156 provides a trigger signal every time it acquires a new note (super handy!). The pitch cv goes from the A-156 to both a Plan B model 15 and the cutoff inputs on the awesome QMMG. The trigger output from the A-156 is going to a Cwejman ADSR and then on to the gate inputs on the QMMG.
Very nice. Thanks for the demo. I think I may pick one of these up.
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