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Happy new year to everyone! Thanks for being part of this place, every year you all get cooler and cooler. Apologies to everyone waiting on me for PMs, emails, subforum creation, etc. The holidays have been super busy! I'll be catching up over the next week, please hit me up again at that point if I haven't gotten back to you yet. Sorry for the delay. Thanks! <3

Merry Christmas 2010 to all Wigglers
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Author Merry Christmas 2010 to all Wigglers
Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all of you and extend a big THANK YOU to all of my customers throughout this year.

I was going to close my cart for a couple of weeks in order to re-calculate the cost structure of everything but, I'm not sure how to do that.

So, over the next few weeks I'll be upgrading the price structure on everything on the fly as I gather data and get it figured out.

Whatever is posted when you order is what the price is. It will take me a while.

New customers that sign up on my cart get a one-time 5% off coupon. Just type newcust5 in the coupon code box during check out.

Only one or two of the existing registered customers have taken advantage of the code. You still have it available.

Have a great Christmas all.

Mattson Mini Modular
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