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Doepfer bus boards
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Author Doepfer bus boards
This could have gone here or DIY but it would have looked like an even dumber question there.

I am setting up a Eurocase with a different power supply but using the Doepfer boards. This power supply does not have multiple taps for the +/- connections.

Does that mean when I use two board I run into one's connectors and then out to the second board?

I looked at this and I wanted to make music not build bombs.

yes you can connect the power from one busboard to another--thats called daisy-chaining. it will work, but it has potential disadvantages for grounding/noise issues. a star configuration would be best. take a look at this page:
Thanks consumed, Interesting. OK..

I wonder if the fact that this rack will have less modules will help keep things under control.

I will also ask the supplier of the power supply.
Soy Sos
I used 2 terminal strips to split off the taps from my power supply.
I'm no expert but more qualified friends told me this would work and
it has. The case pictured has 4 Doepfer bus boards. I hope this helps.
Thanks. Pictures always help.

I may luck out and only need one busboard on this rack as it is due to the grande sizes of some of the modules.
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