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New tuner with Cuemix from MOTU
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Author New tuner with Cuemix from MOTU
I was on MOTU's site yesterday troubleshooting a small issue with an encoder on mu Ultralite and noticed this:

They've included a tuner with the latest driver updates for the Ultralite and whatever other MOTU interfaces use Cuemix. And it's perfect timing since yesterday I was needing a tuner to set up my modular to play some MIDI along with some sampled clarinet junk.
Along with the oscilloscope they put out last year this really starts getting useful.
nice! thanks for the tip.
Woa cool! Thanks for the heads up dewd.

Edit: For mkIII devices only -> bummer for me
Wow, updated my driver recently and didn't even notice this. I love the little bonuses like this and the oscilloscope in the MK3. Thanks.
Did you update the driver? I'm terrified as it was a pain in the ass to get my UltraLite to work acceptably. Don't want to screw up a (relatively) good thing.
I've never had any problems with updates from MOTU. So yeah, i did.

My problem with the Ultralite is that inevitably there is some channel that is muted, or not monitored, or routed to the wrong output, or whatever, and it takes some real menu diving to figure it out when the computer is not attached. Drives me bonkers. I should learn to use the Mix presets.
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