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M10 & M15 - sawtooths separated at birth
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Author M10 & M15 - sawtooths separated at birth
Or maybe it's sawteeth? Anyway...

Last weekend I was playing around with using the M10s as oscillators, particularly the "upward ramp" output and it made a very pleasing sawtooth sound - one that reminded me of the pleasing sawtooth that the M15 had.

So I made a mental note this week to compare the two. I just did and guess what - they sound practically identical!!! I only say practically because it seems like I hear a slight difference, but I could be fooling myself.

As a control, there is a definite noticeable difference between the AFGs saw output and the M10/M15.

I'm not trying to imply anything by this, I just found it very interesting.
I think I've read Peter's comments suggesting that the cores are very similar. Both triangular, at least.
Does the M10 have any vactrols that anyone's noticed? I'm just too lazy to pull mine out and look. I think the M15 has 3 of them or so.
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