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EDP Spider Wanted Wasp
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Author EDP Spider Wanted Wasp
Older Youth
Hi, does anybody know where I can get an EDP Spider for my WASP?? I play in experimental group Sutcliffe Jugend. We used WASPS back in the 80`s. I have recently purchased a WASP again after all these years, getting my hands on a spider would be the icing on the cake.

Paul SJ
governor blacksnake
I think I've seen just one come up for sale in the last couple years, that was a few months ago on ebay.

Welcome to the forum. Hammer Death!!!
Older Youth
Yes Gov, went for £123, did not even work!!! Oh well, will keep an eye out..

New Album coming out soon on Cold Spring, and Kev working on WSOTG...

Hey labelbrother -

I´ll keep an eye out for you also...

Henrik / MZ. 412
Great to have you here Paul... SJ have had a huge influence on my music, I owe you guys a lot.
Older Youth
I am not usually into forums, however this seems like one that is worth while.
By the way, Kevin Tomkins was playing the WASP at rehearsals yesterday and nearly blew what little ear drums I have left clear out of my head....reminded me of when we were both 19/20 and The Campaign recordings.... WASP in my opinion is the most brutal of synths, I have a MicroKorg, but for pure filth, WASP everytime.

Best Paul SJ
and I used to be in smell & quim so between us all it looks like this is the place for noisy old farts to hang out smile

my own WASP is currently being repaired, can't wait to get it back, has a charecter/tone all its own

& yeah, this is a good forum to hang out in, its the only one i've joined.


Haha! That was unexpected Paul - I have a bunch of your work in my collection. Cool.
Older Youth
Hi, Paul, Don't you miss those live performances??? unique to say the least... Are you still making music. Kevin and I are puking it out like mad, can`t stop recording. We are going on a Tour of Asia in March taking in Singapore, KL, Bangkok, and Tokyo, that should burn us old fuckers out.... Can`t stop using the WASP, going to be a feature on SJ future material me thinks, how things turn full circle, seeing Kev play the wasp really takes me back to 81/82.....

Best Paul
Hi Paul, well I only played at the very first S&Q gig and only once as part of my then solo thing - swing jugend - so I didn't really miss it at all...that said I have played a few gigs these last couple of years as Early Hominids (which is me and Neil Campbell) and also as hired hand in Neil's Astral Social Club (playing Leeds this Thursday as it happens) and its all been a blast...

Yeah, still making a rackett, never really stopped just didn't release anything for a very long time!

Yr Asia tour sounds great! Let me know if SJ play north of England sometime. Maybe we could hook up and Hominids could play support!

Older Youth
Hi Paul, A guy called Keith Mitchell from INHIBITION is trying to arrange a gig in Newcastle. I think Leeds/Bradford may not be a great place for us to play for obvious reasons..... I will let you know if it comes off and about support, if you are interested, a guy called BAGMAN is pestering for the gig to come off, so who knows...
Kev and I have been doing projects outside SJ, Between Silences Webstore has details. Its good to hear you are still being creative, we played Wroclaw last year with PTV, BDN, and SLEASY`s band, it was a great experience. I am sure we will bump into one another at some point...

Best Paul
Hey Paul,

It's a long shot but since you'll be in Tokyo you could try the 5G synth store.
It's directly across the street from Harajuku station in the Le Ponte building.

If nothing else it's fun to browse.

cheers, Dan
Older Youth
Cheers Dan
Will do..

Best Paul
I am a noisy old fart that played same bill as Sutcliffe in London.
Smell & Quim were originally on the bill and then dropped off,
which was depressing. S&Q are so great!

(SJ is too)
Older Youth
Nihilist hi.... Sadly that was not a good show for us, the sound engineer was more interested in stuffing his Kebab, rather than getting our sound together, hence Kevin Crooned and I packed up my gear on stage whilst shouting out Right To Kill at some point... Was fun though, I suppose.... Sure we will play again together. Gaya is organising a gig at Slimelight on 1st Oct.. Maybe contact her?? Off to Asia in 2 weeks, going to upset some people for sure....

Best Paul
Don't know if you'd be interested in this Paul but I figured what the hell:
Older Youth
Thanks for that Mr Foreskin......
Maybe worth a bid, they are very collectable.

Best Paul
Older Youth wrote:
I play in experimental group Sutcliffe Jugend. Paul SJ

I own several of your releases. Good stuff.
lol SlayerBadger! we're not worthy


I love it.

I really want to just use ONE synth to make noise!

Simplicity is so alluring!
We are due to be moving location soon, and i suspect some of my EDP collection will be comming up for sale.

Im not sure how much of it i will want to loose, but i have -

a number of wasps (two of which are, i think, are in very nice condition)
a spider
a stinger (groove electronics, i know, but edp related)
a somewhat rare 'late' wasp deluxe (after they decided to reduce the size of the case)
i did have a more normal deluxe, but that went to a collector in australia some time ago.

Like i say, i havent worked it out yet (i dont really want to sell any of it to be honest, but i would rather owe the bank less for the house : ) but, i guess, im posting just in case someones proper crazy for any of it : /

SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
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