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Showin some love!
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Author Showin some love!
Just got my ES-1 from AH yesterday and I have to say, I'm IN LOVE.
I've been using my eurorack modular and software pretty much exclusively over the last year and it has been awesome. This whole system just bridges the gap better than I could have ever hoped for.
It's the most fun I've had in years while using a computer to make music (usually not very 'fun' for me)
I really like putting the Silent Way plugins in instrument/effect racks in ableton, and then I'll pile them up in chains inside of them while using the external audio effect plugin to route the CV out of my interface, and have audio come back in *Phew*. Really slick.

I'm so glad we are in a time when music can be made this way.

applause nanners applause nanners
Guinness ftw!
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