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Silent Way Is Teh Shizz
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Author Silent Way Is Teh Shizz
The stepped lfo is ridiculously good for these reasons

1. Asym, my groove loves you!

2. Offset

3. Multiplier

4. The fact I can tweak using kore in high resolution then re-edit any glaring mistakes...

I was thinking about how I could apply the stepped lfo to pitch data is there a way of doing this without using external modules

When I play a note the stepped lfo would be applied using an envelope - i.e. there is no stepped lfo at the start of hte note but the shape of an envelope applies it and then reduces it over the time span of the envelope.

I lost a few hours playing around with 2 stepped envelopes on the same channel last night. Was sat in work thinking about how this could be done, and if it could be done without external modules

If anyone has any ideas then please let me know!
Yes you can do that no problem.

Insert a Step LFO after one of the Voice Controller's envelopes. Set the LFO Input Mode to Multiply. The route the LFO output to the same audio output as pitch is going to, and let your DAW mix the two.
Ahh, cool, I'll look forward to trying that tonight.

Thanks Os.

That questions begets another one...

Is there a way of making the stepped lfo conform to pitches? I am guessing that I would I use the quantiser for that after in the stepped lfo?

Many new things to try tonight smile

Yup, quantizer after step LFO works great.
is there a way to get a note bend as well? Slew I would guess? Am thinking that could be interesting...

I haven't used the quantiser so if there is a slew function apologies, I am just leaving work now so I can check when home...
All plug-ins have the smoothing control. You could automate that on/off in your DAW.
Ah, yes of course, smoothing = slew

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