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Donut or Honda?
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Author Donut or Honda?
well, I think it's time to taste some Harvestman finally, and i want to start with an oscillator.
i have checked out all the demos on the web and still not convinced which one should i go for.
Honda seems more versatile and "fun" than Donut, but i already have an E350 - which seems to be similar at many points...
also, i need and oscillator that is sounding huge at low frequencies (drone whore).
is Donut good at such stuff? Will it fit nicely with E350, AFG and R-54?
Donut if you already have a e350.
The real answer is both of course.

Use the AFG for the huge low frequencies?
Both. Seriously.

If you get the PH, buy bsmith's ROMs. The HD rules. Get them both.

Harvestman mafia 4-eva.

The Harvestman The Harvestman The Harvestman The Harvestman The Harvestman
+1 *2
Well, if you do intend on getting both; I'd go for the Hertz Donut first. There is no real proper answer for your question though.
You'll win either way - the harvestman force is strong in both of these ones, but which other oscillators do you already have? I wouldn't necessarily say the ph is more versatile than the hd, they're very different and both have bitchin keen tricks up their sleeve.
The PH has the awesome wave shaper input + expandable roms. The HD is 2 oscs, one of them can go into LFO and track the main osc with variable weirdness. The main osc also has the awesome wave disc. weirdnesss going on.
Of course, both, but since you have the E350 get the HD first.

Conversely, to my ears, the PH can go lower than the HD. And I don't mean that "technically" I mean it just sounds deeper and more evil.
Glitchmachines wrote:
Conversely, to my ears, the PH can go lower than the HD. And I don't mean that "technically" I mean it just sounds deeper and more evil.


I have an E350, an expanded Piston, and have a Donut on the way (but haven't used one yet). The overlap between the E350 and the Piston is small in terms of the sound palate that you can get from each, even though they're both wavetable based oscs. The waveforms sound very different on the Piston than they do on the E350, especially once you expand it.

The Donut is it's own beast, but regardless of what you choose I don't think you'll be disappointed.
Start with Donut and then get PH... they work really well together
thank you guys! sure i am going to get both! along with other Harvestman gear - i just have to set some course of action.

right now i use AFG for the low frequencies and E350 for textures and weirdness (i don't like it going lower), and r-54 for some extra warm schmoo on the top. i am also (endlessly) waiting for E340 to show up at Schneider's. Either HD or PH should complement them.
Another vote for both hihi

If it helps; I generally use the Honda for glitches, hiss, crackles and the like, not really as a traditional wavetable osc (I use the 350 for that).

The Donut I've been using for epic gnarly drones and waveshaped wierdmess, although I feel I've barely scratched its surface.

I've been able to get some pretty brutal low end out of both, albeit of a distinctly digital nature (which is cool with me).

The true (un)godly Trinity, of course, is honda/donut/sefari SlayerBadger!FlameySlayerBadger!
revealing your techniques will always help, stk (geez i am such a flatterer). i am going to get both along with other harvestman gizmos, sefari included (which raises another dilemma - sefari or addac wav? nah, BOTH again).
Honestly, I've come to a vague conclusion that modular advice threads are something of a circle jerk hihi .. and that, regardless of actual advice, we'd probably find a way to have fun making bitchin noise with basically any old module out there SlayerBadger!

.....Which is ...... a roundabout way of sayin..... aw fuck MY ASS IS BLEEDING
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