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Jomox Mbrane 11
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Author Jomox Mbrane 11
Does anybody have experience with one of these? YouTube videos don't really do it much justice and I haven't been able to get my hands on one. I'm looking for something that can do good electronic snares, 808-909 and then some. I've always been fond of 909 snares but have at times wish they had more tweakability and longer snappy decay options. It's my understanding that 808's used the t-bridge circuit for the kick, toms, and snare so I'd think this should be able to get into the ballpark of all of the above andnot just snares?

I've tried the vermona which is good, but it took more processing/eq to get what I was looking for.

Can the Mbrane achieve the same snare sounds as the 888? This has been a little unclear.
i have one and I am sure you would be happy with the snares. it can do congo type sounds and toms. but as for kick..dont think so.

as a side note, the jomox stuff sounds fantastic. the noise floor is ridiculously low. when i peak my a/d it is in the 80s. i also own the new mbase.
Awesome, Thanks for the low down.
Nice thing about the Jomox "Base" products is that they trigger fine off modular triggers. I had a patch up this weekend where my divider was playing the kick and snare w/ no midi. I only wish they had even 1 CV input to control some parameters (like velocity) in real time w/o midi, but that's minor for what they are.

I had an 888 before, but I mostly used it for the kicks and toms, the Mbase01/MBrane11 combo works great as a substitute and frees up the modular from doing drums.
Do either of you have any good Mbrane snares I could hear?
Kendall Station
As far as I can see (having had an 888 and played with MBase11) these are basically drum synth sections of the 888 / 999 kicks and snares (prolly some differences).

I sold my 888, but the kick synth / snare was the only thing holding me was great. And if the snare synth is anything like the big box, it can be a kick as well.

go for it.

You can hear the mbrane and mbase at that link. I will try to record some samples soon.
Here is a sample. I played over a few octaves through every patch. All but a handful are factory presets. I generally dial in a sound and don't save.
Wow thanks for recording that demo.
It sure has more up it's sleeve than I had thought. Some sounds don't seem too useful, but then there are some that would work great.
no problem. many of the presets suck but you can get some nice snare sounds. I think he just explored the more crazy sounds since the snares are pretty standard yet subtle. I spend a lot of time tuning the oscs and messing with the dampening and coupling. then you just mix the noise to taste.

and finally, here is a clip of me using it with the modular. ph-4 panning mx-4s. gives it a snare roll sound. i think i opened the decay on the noise and at the same sped up the lfo.
I actually had a chance to get my hands on one today for a bit, it really is nice. I think I could do snares with it all day long, with tweaking I came up with all sorts of syn snares and even a couple that sounded somewhat real. The oscillators can go much lower than I had thought too, it can easily do toms and congas.
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